My dear son,
on your first day of high school.
Remember all the steps
that came before this one;
steps that built you up to who you are now.
Behind this smile of yours
is confidence formed
over years of struggles;
now a calm and collected spirit
that has been reined in,
no longer permitted to steer you
into places you don’t want to go.
Behind these bright eyes
glisten many tears fallen
and many hard lessons learned.
Behind this young face
is a beautiful boy
who has always been
five steps ahead of me
full of suprises
full of delight
full of life
forever seeking knowledge
and answers.
Behind this beautiful boy I see before me
is a beautiful young man emerging.
January 30th, 2019 | 8:24am
Black and white image of young boy smiling at camera in crisp white shirt ready for first day at selective high school NSW photographed in natural light children's photography studio in Sutherland Shire Sydney

Each day during the month of January I take a photo of my children, and share these little pieces of our life here. Childhood goes so quickly and it’s in the little moments of each day that we live and show our true selves. I do this project not only for me, but for my boys to one day look back at these photos along with my letters to them, and know without a doubt how much they are loved.

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