twenty nine.
As much as I want for you to be
each others’ anchor,
more than that
I want for you to be
each others wings
when you feel suppressed
by the weight of the world,
to be each others source of strength
when you can’t find your own,
to be each others’ universe
when you feel lost within yourself.
January 29th, 2019 | 7:40pm

Two young brothers standing in long grass in bushland setting holding hands and looking at each other for natural light authentic children's photography outdoor photo session in Sutherland Shire Sydney

Each day during the month of January I take a photo of my children, and share these little pieces of our life here. Childhood goes so quickly and it’s in the little moments of each day that we live and show our true selves. I do this project not only for me, but for my boys to one day look back at these photos along with my letters to them, and know without a doubt how much they are loved.

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