twenty four.
My heart breathes a sigh
and smiles alongside
this very smile of yours.
For this exact smile
was a long time coming.
There were tears,
there were times you gave up,
there were times
you pushed your bike to the ground,
there were times
your bike pushed back,
there were many years you
simply abandoned it altogether.
But slowly you tried again
and with some help
and encouragement,
and more tears,
and new determination,
you now proved to yourself
you are not destined to stay
at failure’s mercy.
Remember this always
that what you thought impossible
just might become
your very favorite thing.

January 24th, 2019 | 5:10pm

Black and White Image of young boy on bike in Sutherland Shire Sydney


Each day during the month of January I take a photo of my children, and share these little pieces of our life here. Childhood goes so quickly and it’s in the little moments of each day that we live and show our true selves. I do this project not only for me, but for my boys to one day look back at these photos along with my letters to them, and know without a doubt how much they are loved.

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