There are mountains of books
waiting quietly for you;
ready to impart
a magnitude of facts
and engaging stories.
Every page
every paragraph
every morsel
of information
waiting to be absorbed
to affect your perspective
to enrich your worldly scope
and become part of you.
Book after book
with a crack of the spine
they are quickly devoured
from cover to cover,
satisfying your thirst
for knowledge.
Yet with every turn of the page,
with the closing of every chapter
with every ‘The End,”
they only leave you wanting more.

January 15th, 2019 | 3:39pm

black and white image of young boy looking at sculpture of rabbit holding a stack of books


Each day during the month of January I take a photo of my children, and share these little pieces of our life here. Childhood goes so quickly and it’s in the little moments of each day that we live and show our true selves. I do this project not only for me, but for my boys to one day look back at these photos along with my letters to them, and know without a doubt how much they are loved.

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