ten years ago,
our beating hearts in a rhythmic sync,
i met this beautiful soul.
nine years ago you kept me
running after your swift first steps.
eight years ago I relished in
the sweet chorus of new vocabulary.
seven years ago
i watched you form the start of
close friendships.
six years ago
you became independent.
five years ago
you learned of the bigger world around you.
four years ago
you sought comfort from me
for the things you could not change in this world.
three years ago
you became the proudest big brother.
two years ago
you fought for your independence.
one year ago
you showed your strength and determination
as well as your goofy lighthearted side.
and today
on your tenth birthday
and all throughout the days and years before
you continue to share your heart
and carry with you this beautiful smile
that brings me nothing but pure joy.