to my darling first born son
on your ninth birthday,

i often ask you
“tell me three things…”
about your day,
about things you worry about,
the things you love,
favourite things about your family,
your friends,
about things you would like to learn about,
things you struggled with today,
things you hope for,
and lots of random things like
“tell me what are three ways you could build a boat”
or “tell me three names we will call
our pet cat when your dad agrees to getting you a pet cat”,
or “tell me three uses for marshmallows besides for eating’
or “tell me three ways you could change the world”.
my three things I would tell you today
would be the things I admire in you the most;
your clarity of vision for your future
your deep empathy and love for the people in your life
and your strong connection to the earth.
happy birthday beautiful boy xx