Today is the start of my annual January photo a day project, my tenth year of this personal project.
To my darling boys: In these images my heart is entangled, and in these words may you always hear how much you are loved.




The new year can march in loud
bursting with dazzling fireworks
and people cleaning their slates
and summer sweltering away,
and with each soft and deliberate tick of the clock
its reminds us
that we are forever moving forward
forever changing.
Yet when I’m with you
I’ve long forgotten
of times’ existence
until I look back at photographs
and see that you too,
have been changing.

 January 1st, 2020 | 1:40pmBlack and white image of two boys faces lying down in opposite directions looking up at camera as photographed by Sutherland Shire Family Photographer Sevenish Photography