Dear Isaiah, 

On your twelfth birthday.

These years
they do just fly by
Each birthday
truely upsets you;
as for you,
at your young age,
you already are so aware
that it is one less year
that you have with your family
one less year
on this earth.
Each birthday
breaks my heart a little
as its one more year
of my baby boy
vanishing before my eyes
one more year closer
to not needing me.
We can’t change
the passing of time
so I hug you tighter on these days
and remind you
that every day is to be cherished.
And each birthday
is a reminder
of another beautiful year
spent with you.

January 10th, 2019 | 3:53pm


black and white photo of young boy running with old heritage building in background



Each day during the month of January I take a photo of my children, and share these little pieces of our life here. Childhood goes so quickly and it’s in the little moments of each day that we live and show our true selves. I do this project not only for me, but for my boys to one day look back at these photos along with my letters to them, and know without a doubt how much they are loved.

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