there is almost
a little piece
of teamwork
between the two of you.
there is the gracious helper,
the to-a-fault-obeyer of rules,
the frustration of learning technique,
the quick and quiet tears
and hopelessness, and sometimes
proud and joyous success;
the style of my Isaiah.
and then there is the rush and burst
of un-reigned energy,
the trying so hard to be
just 7 years older and 2 feet taller,
the giggles and sweaty little cheeks jiggling
as you run and play
and the quick disinterest
as you go back to your other game
of moving handfuls of sand
from one shoe and into the other;
the style of my Jasper.
And from the sidelines
I sit, camera in hand
and watch the most enjoyable
sporting match ever.