thirty one {sydney children’s photography}

January 31, 2011

The beginning of a new year is already at the end of it’s first month. Where did January go?
Today marks the end of my photo a day challenge for January 2011 and I hope you have enjoyed the images and this little window into my life.

As my child constantly runs away from my camera, today I decided to capture that and took him to a running track and let him run to his hearts’ content.

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thirty {sydney children’s photography}

January 30, 2011

As the song goes, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, and these are some of the many things I love…

Books & mags, especially my photography ones
Creating things with my hands
Shopping (as most women do!)
Special gifts like this one from last Mother’s Day
Long hot showers
Spending time with my beautiful boy
Lollies! I have such a sweet tooth
A great cup of coffee

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twenty nine {sydney family photography}

January 29, 2011

Boys and their toys. I don’t believe there is a point where a man gives up all things from their childhood. What’s a retro collectable machine is essentially a big video game, model railways are grown up versions Thomas the Tank Engine, and cars that are driven may resemble those from a hotwheels collection.
It’s lovely knowing the toys, games and activities Isaiah enjoys now as part of his childhood will be special memories for him when he is older.

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twenty eight {sydney children’s photographer}

January 28, 2011

I love this time in the evening, as the sun starts to embrace the earth in a goodnight kiss, as everything takes on a sparkle and a golden glow. That moment that promises a beautiful sunset to come and a promise of a beautiful new day to follow.

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twenty seven {sydney children’s photographer}

January 27, 2011

if i were to wish for a golden egg or upon a wishing star
i would wish for you, always you
a golden heart and a happy life is my wish to you

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