Miss Sierra is one of those little girls who is quite simply, a girl. She loves pink and purple, dolls and playing kitchen, dress and skirts, and hair clips and shoes. She just couldn’t understand why my son didn’t have any dolls for his car garage. “Where are the dolls?’ she kept asking.
Well, I don’t have my Barbie dolls anymore, but I did pull out some sparkly butterflies, fairy wings and whispy fabrics, and headed outside to play, and she was quite pleased with that.

S, you have the most angelic little girl, and it was a joy to capture your special bond together.


these photos are so beautiful. They capture the true innocence of the little girl

Majorly beautiful in every way! Feminine, sweet, pastel and fluid. Love them all, and I seriously believe the mum will also love them! Oh, and forgot to mention how beautiful both the girl and mum are!

Wow what a stunning little girl (looking like her Mum also!). I adore the bw images of her hair freely flowing over her face. Great images.

Oh my – these are AMAZING!!! I love love love the mummy/daughter ones – gorgeous.